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Gourmet New Year's Eve at La Magdalena Convent

Hotel Convento La Magdalena

Gourmet New Year's Eve at La Magdalena Convent

The Antequera Golf Group has prepared a New Year's Eve dinner in the restaurant Refectorio, located in the 5-star Convent La Magdalena hotel, it is a refuge for the palate in Antequera, a unique space with an exceptional chef who has designed a luxury menu so that the experience is perfect even for the most demanding palates.

At the head of this letter for the last dinner of the year is David Muñoz, who has worked in numerous prestigious restaurants in Spain with Michelin stars, and some of them considered throughout his time as the best in the world, which is a Gastronomic guarantee for the diner.

According to the own words of the executive chef of the Antequera Golf Group, specialist in events, this cook of vocation and of family tradition looks for "a fresh kitchen, with products of proximity and with new tendencies" and this is reflected in the menu that is prepared for New Year's Eve dinner at the Refectory.

The menu consists of 4 dishes and a dessert all washed down with the best wines, chosen for a perfect pairing for each dish.
Gillardeu oysters, blinis with caviar and steak tartare with bourbon will be served from the first course.

Then the second dish will arrive, which will consist of loin of Norway lobster in tempura, romesco of dry tomato and micro-salad.

The third course of the dinner will be scallop roasted with vanilla over celery cream, nabi and grilled fennel and fresh lichi and yuzu pause.

The last dish before the dessert will be beef sirloin Wellington with morels with cream.

For the sweet part of the menu, our chez and all his cooking team have prepared a delicious dessert called chocolate textures, and to discover them, you will have to come and spend New Year's Eve with us and let us surprise you.

All these delicacies will be watered with selected wines: José Pariente Verdejo white wine (D.O. Rueda), Arzuaga crianza red wine (D.O. Rivera del Duero), Anna Codorniú Blanc del Blancs cava.

The gala dinner will be served in the unique surroundings of our 5-star hotel, located in a former convent where you can breathe the history and flavor of yesteryear with the vanguard of our facilities and our kitchen.

In addition, a team also 5 stars will accompany you and serve all night so that the passage from 2018 to 2019 will be unforgettable.

Contact us to book your dinner, we wait for you!