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Hotel Convento La Magdalena


The Refectorio restaurant, located in the 5-star Convent La Magdalena hotel, is a refuge for the palate in Antequera, a unique space with an exceptional chef who designs luxury menus to make the clients' experience unforgettable.

For lovers of gastronomy that travel to this city full of World Heritage, the visit to this restaurant in Antequera is essential. It is a unique place in the city, designed for lunches and dinners "a la carte", with a fusion of traditional cuisine and author where you will find not only a very careful cuisine but extraordinary views that will delight your palate and your view. Neither your eyes nor your taste will be alien to a new experience that will transport you to the kitchen of our ancestors but with a modern touch that sets it apart from the past.

The chef of the restaurant Refectorio is David Muñoz, who has worked in numerous prestigious restaurants in Spain with Michelin stars, and some of them considered throughout his stage as the best in the world, which is a gastronomic guarantee for the diner.

Among the star dishes of our restaurant in Antequera is the tasting menu "Madness for two", which offers four dishes, dessert and married with selected wines that match perfectly to make the experience a unique moment.

For the quality of the food, the originality of its menu, the location of its facilities and its 5 star service, this restaurant in Antequera has become a gastronomic reference.

The restaurant is located at the back of the facade of the convent, in a totally glazed space, which allows you to have the best views of an olive valley where you get to lose your sight, all franked on the left by the immensity of the mountains that make up El Torcal de Antequera, a World Heritage Site. His vision of the water mill and the streams that surround this old convent of the sixteenth century make this space an unforgettable experience.

This is a city with a great gastronomic tradition, and to enjoy a good meal in Antequera, you do not have to settle for just good raw materials and good dishes. For a complete gastronomic experience, we recommend you try the Refectorio restaurant and also enjoy eating in a historic place.

Thus, this restaurant in Antequera is located 10 minutes from the city, at the foot of the natural area of ​​El Torcal and the Antequera Golf course, in a typical Andalusian landscape, is the old convent of San Pedro de Alcántara finished in 1584 and rebuilt for its scanty dimensions in 1691-1708.

Towards 1820 it was disentailed and it is definitively in 1846 when it is sold in public auction, being used since then for agricultural work. Until recently the church was used as an oil mill and as a warehouse for grain and agricultural machinery.
In mid-2009 its restoration was completed and this property was valued as the first 5 * of Antequera, the Hotel Convent La Magdalena, taking advantage of the unique landscape and architectural environment. The new hotel opened its doors with 21 rooms: 16 doubles and 5 suites, one of them Real.

Carefully restored this convent is now a complex that combines the best of the past with the comforts of a modern and functional hotel. Its rooms, simple and decorated in rustic style, let show all the recollection that enclosed for years.
For all this and much more, if you are looking for the best place to eat in Antequera, do not hesitate to stop by our restaurant Refectorio, we will make your visit an unforgettable experience.