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Hotel Convento La Magdalena


The region of Antequera is a privileged area in many aspects, but without a doubt one of the most valued is its gastronomic wealth. Located in the heart of Andalusia, a few kilometers from the coast and blessed by the mild climate of the province of Malaga, the city is supplied with a large number of products of proximity. Fresh and seasonal foods that are the source of different, and delicious, dishes for each season.

A great connoisseur of the value of this gastronomic treasure is David Muñoz Arévalo, Executive Chef of Grupo Antequera Golf. "As I always like to emphasize, the raw material is all in the making of a good dish". And as it could not be less, the arrival of summer is propitious to highlight some of the freshest and most appetizing recipes for these dates. In his almost ten years at the forefront of the design of Grupo Antequera Golf dishes, he knows that for these dishes he has all kinds of vegetables, fish, meat and fruit.

Among the typical products of the area for the month of July is "any type of tomato, tomato cateto, raf or tomato huevo de toro, which we put laminated with malagueño avocados and Cantabrian anchovies or anchovies in vinegar from the area of ​​Malaga." Another very successful proposal is foie gras with figs, a very balanced sweet and salty combination.

The list of new proposals that are added on these dates to the letter are characterized by originality. "A dish that we will put in the months of summer in Convento la Magdalena will be a cherry gazpacho with a snow of yogurt and a smoked sardine, a spectacular dish for the contrast of flavours and the visual", highlights the chef.

Among the recommendations of David Muñoz for this season are: "at Hotel Antequera the tataki of bluefin tuna with coconut white garlic, very fresh and current dish. In Campo de Golf the porra antequerana with tomatoes from the orchard, our tomato, garnished with hard boiled egg and melva canutera ". Very tempting preparations for summer months, but that do not take away their space from the usual recipes of the hotels or the wood-fired dishes or the rice dishes of the golf course.