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Visit El Torcal de Antequera

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Visit El Torcal de Antequera

El Torcal de Antequera is a unique natural site declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. A unique enclave full of routes in which you can see the presence of man, which dates back to prehistory, as well as an indigenous fauna and flora full of natural wealth.
Visiting it is very simple and there are free public access routes, as well as guided tours and special activities so that each visitor can have the experience they want.

Let's start by talking about the network of trails for public use with which you can visit much of the El Torcal environment. These trails are freely accessible and perfectly marked so that anyone can do them without authorization or guidance. Of course, it is recommended not to leave the marked trails because they pass through a land where it is easy to get disoriented and have a stony and slippery ground if there is humidity.

The so-called "Green Route" is one of these free trails. It starts in the upper parking lot. At the beginning it shares a large part of the road with the so-called "Yellow Route", then it reaches a fork and descends to the Hole of the Burra, an energetic point that makes it one of the favorites for meditation lovers. At this point it also joins the Yellow Route, initiating the return to the Torcal Alto Visitor Center. It is a tour that allows us to know the morphology of "El Torcal de Antequera" and recognize some significant figures such as the Sphinx, the Indian or the Watcher.
It is a route with 1.5 km of circular route, with an unevenness of 40m, of medium low difficulty that takes about 45 minutes to walk through a stony and irregular terrain.

But in addition to the trails to travel freely and for free, there are many routes and activities that stimulate the senses of nature and heritage lovers. This is the case of the "Nights that awaken your senses", an experience offered by the Torcal Alto Visitor Center to enjoy the most important karst landscape in Europe and one of the most beautiful in the world. In this same line is the activity "Route of the 5 Senses at sunset", which takes place in the summer months.

To enjoy the stars in this magical environment, nothing better than to make astronomical observations in the Torcal Astronomical Observatory (OAT), an activity that is undoubtedly worth enjoying in the heart of the natural area of ​​El Torcal.
To know the historical heritage of this place declared Historical Patrimony of Humanity, a great idea is to make the mythical Route of the Ammonites, with impressive panoramic views, innumerable marine fossils, limestone rocks with capricious forms and traces of the passage of man in the area ...

Finally we can not fail to mention the Route through the Karstic Labyrinth, which runs through the alleys of the stone labyrinth, a unique experience that makes visitors feel like they are in another world and another time.

In this link you can see more information about the routes and surroundings of El Torcal as well as details for access to this natural area of ​​Antequera.

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